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The primary goal for Cunami groups is to help our customer to grow their customer base, improve conversion rates and profits. We believe that our clients have fantastic ideas for products and services, but they have a hard time getting over tech-savvy issues.

Our team can solve web development related problems, improve user experience on our client's platforms and get them more customers by using the newest marketing strategies.

We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone,  test out new things and experiment with new business opportunities.

Our Crypto Project

CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology to safeguard online users against fraud. The aim of CryptoPolice - developing products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam.
CryptoPolice is the first decentralised organisation of a new type in which a hierarchical management system has been transformed into an autonomous heterarchical ecosystem of joint knowledge, which is dramatically different from the the culture of State management based on knowledge centralisation.



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